So I don’t know If you can see it properly but this is a card for ’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.’

and I took this card with me from my library and only saw this today because I went there today. At first I saw a poster of this and I get so happy when I see stuff like this, I love that society decides to do something against these taboos. What’s even cooler is that there are band-aids in it 'plasters to cover wounds' and If that isn’t awsome than I don’t know anymore. I think it’s a very good way of showing the people of how serious this issue is without showing shocking images that put people off! This made me really ,really Happy. On the card it says ‘If love hurts’ and ’ Don’t Accept violence in a relationship’ and those words should have a big impact on anyone who reads it. It also provides you of 2 numbers you can call and and a sort of meeting place where you can go. On the back it gives you some information and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed about this subject and the last line is ’ Not saying anything doesn’t help’. I think that carries a very strong message not only the the ones that are abused but also to the ones that know someone. Every little bits can help and man I’m just happy about this. Good work Province Flanders, good work !

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